VCM Scanner is the most feature-rich scan tool on the market. View, chart, and log diagnostic data in real time through the vehicle’s OBD2 diagnostic data port. View vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s), built-in VCM controls and other vehicle information. Configure fans, closed loop, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and more in real time. No editor package can be considered complete without these comprehensive scan tool capabilities.

Powerful User Interface

  • Fastest most feature rich OBD scanning tool on the market
  • Variable Logging/Playback speeds or user controlled using the chart display
  • Export feature allows you to view/modify your file via Microsoft Excel (.CSV)
  • Customizable Graphs
  • Graph user defined filters
  • Graph cell count filter
  • Printable Graphs
  • Customizable gauge display
  • Customizable chart
  • Separate gauge and chart displays
  • Sensor based configuration support
  • Installs with default graphs loaded
  • Installs in ready-to-scan configuration
  • Installs with additional graphs
  • User defined PIDs with complex function support
  • MPIDS (Memory PID’s / Manufacturer Specific Parameters) supported
  • View and clear DTCs in just seconds (not supported on all vehicles)
  • View readiness test status (not supported on all vehicles)
  • Change graph while scanning
  • Change charts while scanning
  • Change gauges while scanning
  • Change unit value while scanning
  • Change config files while scanning
  • Copy/Paste special between VCM Scanner and VCM Editor
  • User inputted markers and comments
  • Log comment section to give commentary for future viewing
  • VCM Controls for multiple vehicle manufactures